Sometimes it is necessary to fracture a plane or line several times, to arrive at the essence of a new concept.

Vivian Dembo

Venezuelan architect of wide and recognized trajectory. Co-founder of the firm Arkitekta C.A, with which she began her career back in 1987 and for which she developed an extensive number of projects.

From 1.994, she established a new team work under the signature Vivian Dembo Arquitectura CA, from which she developed several projects of different magnitudes: public spaces, civil, residential, and commercial works and in general infrastructure area, such as the complex of Torres de Altamira (Hotel Four Season Caracas), Torre Las Acacias and the Bello Campo office complex.

There is also an endless number of single-family and multi-family residential projects, mostly recognized by different guilds, giving her numerous honorable mentions at the 7th Architecture Biennial, obtaining the refurbish project of the CCCT Caracas (50000 Square Feet surface),

first prize in the Altamira project (70,000 m2), Hotel Fiesta del Sol (Isla de Margarita): a tourist complex with more than 60,000 meters and the Jumbo Bingo and Tropical Bingo, in Las Vegas, USA.

She had the opportunity to collaborate on projects for important construction firms. Also developing works for Constructora Sambil for over a decade, at the same time collaborating with important and recognized global architecture firms such as Siso & Shaw Architects, and Arquitectónica.

Vivian is an elegant and contemporary woman. Lover of the arts, music and everything that represents creativity. Drawing is her best element of work, because there is where great ideas begin. "Where the fantasies of the clients are reflected, and merge with my visceral feelings".

An architectural style that represents an unique language and conveys a feeling towards each space where it will be built. Each terrain or each space receives a vibration that complements the needs of the client and that will later reflect an enduring image.

vivian dembo
vivian dembo

Proyectos Destacados:

vivian dembo

The Office

Architecture is a mixture of components and flavors.
The feminine and the masculine, the positive and the negative, but always with a little sence of humor and movement.


Vivian Dembo Arquitectura is a multidisciplinary office, dedicated to the area of architecture projects, interior architecture, landscaping, construction and supervision of civil, residential and commercial works, which she develops through a team of professionals with extensive experience on each area.

The project management area is responsible for the administration, coordination, supervision and inspection of every developing work.

They are working under turnkey concept, according to each need or requirement.

This management works in consonance with every project to maintain a correct interpretation of the pre approved plans, as well as the changes produced by the same dynamics during the construction process. Our goal is to innovate through efficiency, quality and timely compliance.

vivian dembo

sketches are my best work ítems. That is where great ideas begin.

Vivian Dembo